Are you an owner?

Holiday Lovers is specialized in the rental of holiday properties in Portugal. With a wide range of properties and a local and multidisciplinary team, our  mission is to ensure the best experience for our guests and our partners, the owners. Monetize your home with us, without worrying about reservations, check-ins, housekeeping, security deposit, SEF participation and other  formalities, check-outs, property verification and deposit return. We will be your substitutes from arrival to departure of the group, our team is on site 24  hours a day during the leased periods and will respond to any eventuality.

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Property visit and inspection

Scheduling and holding a photo shoot

Officialization of the agreement with the owner

Your house is ready to be published!

Are you a property manager?

Holiday Lovers is thrilled to collaborate with other property managers and advertise stylish properties.

With us you’ll advertise your properties as well as your brand since your logo will be visible and always connected to each rental.

To enroll we need to check the quality of the properties and service provided to the guests, as Holiday Lovers primes on quality rentals.

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To protect our owners and customers and guarantee their rights and duties, Holiday Lovers work with some formalities such as signing the reservation agreement at each stay.

Our local and multidisciplinary team is always present in order to support the owners and ensure the quality accompaniment to our guests.
We deal with the whole process. We help in the process of legalization, we carry out the photographic session, we advertise your property and we find the client. Finally, we elaborate the reservation agreements, we request the payment and security deposit, we take care of the cleaning and clothes of the house, we make check-in and check-out and all the accompaniment and support necessary to each guest.

Disclosure of your property is free. We are paid by commission based on the
bookings generated.